Analogue #1

Analogue #1 – Kronos Quartet, Wu Man, Patrick Kelleher, So Cow

Here’s the first episode proper of Analogue, a new bi-monthly web series from the people behind Analogue Magazine.

Here’s the first episode proper of Analogue, a new bi-monthly web series featuring interviews, music videos, short documentaries and live performances from the people behind Analogue Magazine.

Analogue #1

Analogue is proud to announce the launch of Analogue Episode 1, a bi-monthly web series that brings together interviews, music videos, short documentaries and live performances. Following the successful release of the pilot Episode 0 (Adrian Crowley, Jimmy the Hideous Penguin, Final Fantasy) in August, Analogue returns with a brand new episode featuring the world renowned Kronos Quartet, Dublin-based avant-garde musician Patrick Kelleher and Tuam’s lo fi troubadour So Cow

Analogue aspires to use an innovative visual aesthetic to explore the diverse spectrum of music we love (from indie and folk to classical and electronic) from both local and international talents. Much like the pilot, Episode 1 breaks from the traditional approach to music television and starts afresh with a progressive format applying diverse cinematic techniques.

Kronos Quartet

The Kronos Quartet formed in 1973 in Seattle. Since then they have had what can only be described as a prolific output. Integral to Kronos’ work is a series of long-running, in-depth collaborations with many of the world’s foremost composers. One of the quartet’s most frequent composer-collaborators is “Father of Minimalism” Terry Riley, whose work with Kronos includes the early Sunrise of the Planetary Dream Collector; Cadenza on the Night Plain and Salome Dances for Peace; 2002’s Sun Rings, a multimedia, NASA-commissioned ode to the earth and its people, featuring celestial sounds and images from space; and, most recently, The Cusp of Magic, commissioned in honor of Riley’s 70th birthday celebrations in 2005 and recorded and released in 2008. The quartet has also collaborated extensively with composer Philip Glass, recording his complete string quartets and scores to films like Mishima and Dracula (a restored edition of the Bela Lugosi classic) 

Kronos has performed live with the likes of icons Allen Ginsberg, Zakir Hussain, Modern Jazz Quartet, Tom Waits, David Barsamian, Howard Zinn, Betty Carter, and David Bowie, and has appeared on recordings by such diverse talents as Nine Inch Nails, Amon Tobin, Dan Zanes, DJ Spooky, Dave Matthews, Nelly Furtado, Rokia Traoré, Joan Armatrading and Don Walser.

Kronos’ music has also featured prominently in other media, including film (Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain, 21 Grams, Heat, True Stories).

Patrick Kelleher
Musician Patrick Kelleher has been making waves in Dublin’s underground for the last two years. Kelleher’s debut album Coat to Wear was released earlier this year on Irish label, Osaka Records. Hopscotching between several genres (Krautrock, lo fi folk, leftfield electronica and electro pop), Coat to Wear is one of the finest bedroom recordings released by an Irish artist in the last decade. As a musician Kelleher has a brilliant ability to write intricate amospheric songs, constructed from layers and layers of instruments upon which his vocals float earnestly.

So Cow

Hailing from Tuam, Co. Galway, Brian Kelly aka So Cow has long been one of Ireland’s hidden gems. Pacey guitar frenzies create the perfect backdrop to So Cow’s wry lyrical wit. Over the summer months of 2009 the So Cow LP (a greatest hits compilation of sorts) was released by Tic Tac Totally Records and promptly followed by a robust tour of America. The LP and exhausting tour quickly brought So Cow to the doting attentions of the blogosphere, with indie website Pitchfork and Brooklyn Vegan taking a particular interest.

Episode 1 running order:

Kronos Quartet & Wu Man interview
Interlude: ‘Finds you’ by Patrick Kelleher
So Cow interview and performance of ‘Bat Toes’

[vimeo 7449202]

Analogue #1
was directed by Graham Seely & Tim Gannon and produced by Brendan McGuirk. Don’t forget to check out Episode 0 while you’re at it.
for more info.

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