Lie Ins – The Low Men

Have a listen to The Low Men, an exclusive track from Lie Ins‘ debut album Death To Lie Ins, which is due for release on February 2nd on Popical Island.

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The Low Men is track 4 from the forthcoming album Death to Lie Ins out on Popical Island on February 2nd. The launch gig is Popicalia in Anseo that night and will feature Lie InsCave Ghosts and Oh Boland.

Featuring Lie Ins’ mostly-unadorned, signature sound of trash-can drums, bashed guitar and a single vocal, Death to Lie Ins is an articulate, energy-fueled slab of literate pop. From the opening clangs of Cold Comfort through to the dying, longing breath of County Mayo, Lie Ins mesh sweet-tooth songwriting with punk, rock and roll, folk, psychedelia, country, and traditional Irish song, making unequivocal statements about the vagaries – the joys and hostilities – of modern Irish life.

Polemics like Universal Truth, The Low Men and the title track rail against the helplessness of the individual in the face of indifferent capitalism, while the lilting interludes of Vegetarian Girls and We Were Born Into Corduroy temper the combat with tongue-in-cheek humour and melody.

The album will be available as a free download from, from where you’ll also be able to order your (not free) CD copy from 2nd February.

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