Thurston Moore & John Moloney – January Irish Tour

Legendary Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore & Sunburned Hand Of The Man‘s drummer John Moloney will play a series of Irsish gigs together next week.

Byron Coley summed up their work nicely:

And the blonde, as they say, shall lead the blind. Recorded at a variety of gigs during a tour of Europe in the spring of 2012, Caught On Tape documents an autodidact improv summit nearly without peer. Thurston Moore, the self-taught Connecticut guitarist for the Coachmen, Male Slut, Dapper, Wylde Ratttz, Dim Stars, Northampton Wools, Bark Haze, Pillow Wand, Diskaholics Anonymous, Society’s Ills, The Dream Aktion Unit and several other combos, is in full unhinged blaze-mode here. His companion, notable son of the chowder mills, John Moloney (Sunburned, Shit Spangled Banner, Egg Eggs, etc.), rifles through his drum kit frantically, as though he was trying to destroy a rainbow with hammers. The blend is totally berserk. While neither of these gentlemen has dick in the way of formal musical training, they are both capable of producing stun-level blasts of pure-zonar energy, and the music on this LP is at times as tightly focused as Bill Clinton’s most powerful penis rays. Full of murky surface moves, with a lot of fully weird subtext, Caught On Tape is a brilliant testament to the transformative power of the pure head-gush. Like a crude stone pyramid, teetering on the edge of an Anasazi cliff, this music is always on the verge of crushing your entire body like a grape. But in a good way. A very good way.

You can catch a piece of the live improvisation action in these fine venues:

14th January – Crane Lane, Cork
15th January – DeBarra’s, Clonakilty
16th January – Bourke’s, Limerick
17th January – The Roisin Dubh, Galway
19th January – Whelan’s, Dublin
22nd January – Stiff Kitten, Belfast
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