Groom – Colours

Have yourself a cheeky go of Colours, taken from Groom‘s soon to be released 4th LP Bread And Jam

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Bread And Jam gets a BYOB launch gig on 9th August down in Popical Island’s Pop Inn on Little Britain Street. You can buy the album there on the night, or you can get it in your favourite independent record shop, or you can even order it online from

Can’t make it on the 9th? Don’t panic – some other Groom live dates are:

Friday 15th August: HMV instore, HMV, Grafton Street, Dublin (17:00ish)
Friday 29th August: The Revelry 21 Lower Main Street, Letterkenny
Saturday 13th September: Retro Revival, Sweeneys, 32 Dame Street, Dublin

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