Two Pin Din & G.W. Sok – Gifts, Milk and Things

I can’t express how happy I am that this record has come out‘ – Niall McGuirk on Two Pin Din & G.W.Sok‘s Gifts, Milk and Things

[iframe style=”border: 0; width: 105%; height: 120px;” src=”″ seamless Gifts, Milk And Things by Two Pin Din & G.W. Sok]

So if I was going to pick a punk rock supergroup from people still actively playing music people from The Ex, NoMeansNo and Dog Faced Hermans wouldn’t be far off the list.

It can be argued with great validity that NoMeansNo’s best era from the past 30 years is the one that gave us the Wrong album. That is the line up that first visited Ireland in 1990 and excited us in the New Inn. I remember when word spread that guitarist Andy Kerr had decamped to Amsterdam. It seemed like he visited and just hung on. Much like Wilf Plum from Dog Faced Hermans. Dog Faced Hermans played Dublin with the Ex in 1991 and both bands cemented a good relationship.

And so Wilf moved to the land of total football, as did Andy. GW Sok was the singer in the Ex and has graced many good records in the past and i have no doubt that will continue. When I saw Two Pin Din play with the ex 10 years ago it was just Wilf and Andy, their album was just the two, but they have recruited GW for this double 7″ and what an addition that is.

Their songs are well suited to the 7″ format. Duelling guitars playing effective riffs alongside GW’s powerful voice. Of course, the words are important when GW is involved and on the excellent What Is Your Name we are treated to the interrogation process faced by so many when entering into most countries. The questions start off in a nice easy going method and slowly build and build to a crescendo. It captures the feeling around this type of interrogation where borders prevent the movement of people throughout the world. I wonder if Andy and Wilf faced this type of questioning when returning from abroad. As two white males, my guess is they don’t quite receive the same attention.

I can’t express how happy I am that this record has come out. How good it is to see people still trying to kick against the pricks and make music as they see it whilst bringing it out the way they want to.

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