Underground, an exhibition charting the changes in independent music over the last 15 years, opens on June 27th in Road Records.

Underground, an exhibition charting the changes in independent music over the last 15 years opens on June 27th in Road Records.

UNDERGROUND is an exhibition featuring 10 artists, 3 music documentaries (the first being ‘Shellshock Rock’ & discussed live on the day by the director John T. Davis + The Stars Are Underground + Last Night At The Funnel), and an accompanying publication, all dealing with the changes in independent music culture over the last fifteen years, tracking the relationship between the local and the global, society and technology and charting the erasure of the boundary between the public and the private.

Music culture in general and independent music culture in particular has been altered beyond recognition in less than a generation. In a time where all information seems to be instantly accessible, is it still possible to create the mythologies that fuel music culture? Broadband, the development of new music-related technologies and even the mobile phone have changed the way music is produced, distributed and consumed in a profound way and we are negotiating the social impact of these changes on a daily basis.

UNDERGROUND hopes to provide a space that allows for reflection on the issues generated by these huge cultural shifts, as well as marking the current state of play as a point of reference for future generations. The exhibition will take place in the basement of Road Records , an independent record shop on Fade Street in Dublin, which for over ten years has been a crucial site in the development of the local independent music scene. The basement has been used in the past to sell dance music and second-hand records, and is currently being used as an office to co-ordinate Road’s web-based business.

The idea for UNDERGROUND emerged from an extended discussion between Dennis McNulty and Garrett Phelan and is curated by artists and musicians Peter Maybury & Dennis McNulty.
UNDERGROUND is funded by the Arts Council.

Filmbase will screen a selection of music related films over the opening Darklight weekend:

Fri 27 June: 4pm: Double bill:
Irish premiere “Shellshock Rock” (1979)
Plus guest talk from director John T. Davis
The Stars are Underground” (1996)

Sat 28 June: 8pm:
Last Night at the Funnel” directed by Stephen Rennicks (1999)

Artists include: Garrett Phelan (IRL), Sarah Pierce (IRL), Adam Sutherland (UK), Francis McKee (Scotland), Robin Watkins (UK), Angela Detanico & Rafael Lain (Brazil), & Stephen Rennicks (Irl). Curated by Peter Maybury (IRL) & Dennis McNulty (IRL).

Title: ‘Broadcaster – (DONAL DINEEN PORTRAIT NO.1)
Medium: an original 7" Vinyl picture disc with sound

More info on http://www.myspace.com/undergroundexhibition


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