The Secret & Tombs – Irish Tour

Relapse Records’ Tombs & Southern Lord’s The Secret play a four date Irish tour this weekend, visiting Belfast, Dublin, Cork & Galway.

They’ll be joined by Drainland, People Of The Monolith, Neifenbach & Dwell In Sun at various stops along the way.

The Secret
Italy’s The Secret have oft been referred to as Converge meets Darkthrone. Combining crust, grind, primitive black metal and the power of the riff, the band has been making waves of filth and aggression since their inception in 2003. Last year saw them signing with Southern Lord and releasing the much lauded album, “Solve et Coagula” (recorded in Godcity studios with Kurt Ballou of Converge). Dark, brutal and unrelenting, it is a visceral diatribe against society, war, religion, and modern excess. Live, this band will be a force to be reckoned with.

Tombs made a name for themselves with their promising 2007 self-titled EP and, signing with Relapse not too long after, the band quickly got to work on their début full-length. Winter Hours, released in early 2009, is a mature and rewarding album that draws from and reinterprets the sonic styling of bands like Neurosis and Isis, and melds disparate influences to create a dense, enveloping and melancholic atmosphere. The follow-up, Path of Totality, is due out in June and promises to take them to new heights in both scope and sound.

Tombs – Silent World by RelapseRecords

Tour dates

06/08  Belfast @ Auntie Annies, with Dwell In Sun
07/08  Dublin @ The Pint, with People Of The Monolith, Drainland
08/08  Galway @ Roisin Dub, with Drainland, Neifenbach
09/08  Cork @ Cyprus Avenue, with Drainland, People Of The Monolith

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