The Run Ons, Cryboys – Anseo, Saturday 21st December

Dublin Man Bands The Run Ons & Cryboys play a special pre-Christmas afternoon gig in Anseo this Saturday

[iframe style=”border: 0; width: 105%; height: 120px;” src=”″ seamless Still Feel by The Run Ons]

This is as close as you’re going to get to a Christmas gig this year… You know what to do.

Next Saturday, the 21st of December at 3pm (timed to provide the perfect reason to slack off on the christmas shopping!) upstairs in ANSEO. Dublin’s favourite guy bands, The Run Ons and Cryboys go head to head to jangle and jingle and see who owns the most back issues of MOJO magazine.

Expect guitars, guitars, glasses, drums, bass and beer, along with a double bill of six string fuelled power pop. It’s 5 quid at the door and kicks up off at 3pm sharp.

Formed as a tribute to record collections (remember them? like a Spotify playlist but harder to carry) stocked with Big Star, Dinosaur Jr, Pavement too many Matador and Sub Pop albums to list and anything recorded by Mitch Easter, The Run On’s feature members of Large Mound, Pantone247 and The Objectorz and passionatly believe that big chords through big muff’s into big amps make things better. Makes sense, right? Turning heads with their debut track “He’s A Great Bunch of Lads” on the 3rd instalment of the now legendary Popical Island compilations, the Run Ons returned with “Still Feel”.

Cryboys are a new band featuring Dylan Phillips (Dinah Brand, Pet Lamb), Cian Nugent, David Kitt and Ruan van Vliet (Squarehead, Groom, Lie Ins, Tieranniesaur, etc.) who play and sing anachronistic songs for sad uncles, public transport and the pissy drizzle.

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The Run Ons
Anseo, Camden Street
3pm Saturday 21st December
€5 on the door

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