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The Jimmy Cake are playing Vicar Street on November 21st and they need to know if you’re going along…

The Jimmy Cake are playing Vicar Street on November 21st with Chequerboard & Eoin Dillon and they need to know if you’re going along…

Dear friends,

As some of you may know, we released an album this year called "Spectre and Crown" which proved very popular indeed with the press and the people alike. A grand scale event it was too with terribly high production values, huge amounts of extra instrumentation and 5 years of sweat, graft and delicious tears. Some time ago, we were asked to do a show in Vicar St which aimed to match the ambition of the record and we happily agreed. That’s fifteen people on stage – 225 times more people than one fifteenth of a Dickie Rock.

Things got a bit tricky in the interim, however. People are panicky about the economic climate and the sexy bottom seems to be slowly falling out of a fairly oversaturated live music market and we’re now thinking to ourselves "if Spiritualized can’t half fill Vicar St at the moment, then are we kidding ourselves to believe that we can do it?"

But, we’d still really, really like to do this, despite our promoter voicing serious concerns about the timing and the turn out. They’re cool with honouring the contract, but we’ve no interest in bleeding anyone for a show that’s not going to break even so here’s the thing: most people who go to Jimmy Cake shows tend to just pay in at the door. We think it would be smashing if you guys could come see us play (obviously), but also buy in advance this time so we know vaguely where we’re at in terms of breaking even. This is a big gamble for us, because we’re not really big enough to be playing Vicar St at the best of times, but it’d be a nice way of signing off on a record we’re hugely proud of and then getting back to heads-down heavy kraut-rock tunes and punk-rock prices.

Tickets can be bought from local commission junkies Ticketmaster.

Whatever happens thanks for reading/listening/caring. It’s greatly appreciated and if you can help us pull off this show we will be eternally grateful.

Humbly yours,
the jimmy cake
(Lisa, Dip, John, Parx, Jurgen, Mick, Gav, Vin, Paul)

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