Skinny Wolves - Indian Jewelry

Skinny Wolves: New Releases

Skinny Wolves - Indian Jewelry
Skinny Wolves are keeping busy, with new releases lined up from Indian Jewelry, Cap Pas Cap and Effie Briest & Telepathe.

Skinny Wolves are keeping busy, with new releases lined up from Indian Jewelry, Cap Pas Cap and Effie Briest & Telepathe.

Release Date : Out NOW
Limited ‘Vinyl Only’ Pressing

SANGLES REDUX features a collection of some of the best earlier INDIAN JEWELRY recordings, some released on now out of press vinyl, some never released before. While no studio recordings have yet to capture the full intoxication of the Indian Jewelry live show, these recordings seem to come closest.

INDIAN JEWELRY create music based in cowboy motorik, hyperliterary chants and magical realism, concrete sound, endless drones, pre-cognitive dissonance, mesmerism, and atavistic junk. Renegades to traditional song structure, INDIAN JEWELRY mix drum machine, noise, percussion, loops, dance beats, guitar, keyboards, scraps of metal, and other sounds into an unpredictable mash of aural delights, drones, and melody. Already amassing a swarm of devotees, INDIAN JEWELRY is expanding our concept of song, and the way it is constructed and heard.

Apart from the SANGLES REDUX LP, the band have also recently released, the FREE GOLD LP on We Are Free Records (Yeasayer, Pony Tail), the FAKE AND CHEAP LP on Deleted Art (No Age, Mika Miko, These Are Powers) and the ‘WE ARE THE WILD BEAST’ CD on Tigerbeat6 (Kid606, The Bug, White Williams).

Limited 12" – "We Are Men" w/ Remixes from JAPE / DECAL / thatboytim
Release Date : Friday 28th November 2008

Listen to ‘We Are Men’:  

"Out of step at home it may be, but their sparky, percussive post-punk ramblings are more than in tune with what’s going on elsewhere and in the age when a song can go round the world in a matter of hours, CAP PAS CAP could be set to fly." – Hot Press

EFFI BRIEST covering TELEPATHEs ‘Chromes On It’
TELEPATHE remixing EFFI BRIESTs ‘Mirror Rim’
Release Date TBC December 2008

"TELEPATHE give us a glimpse of a pop future that confidently fuses kraut jams, urban beats and Gang Gang Dance-style rhythms into a hypnotic, droning whole. If this is the sound of what’s to come, then we certainly have something to look forward to." – Drowned In Sound

"EFFI BRIEST are seven enchanting, stylish and talented ladies that reside mostly in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They mix African, psych, krautrock, and goth into something completely new and their own. There have been comparisons to early Siousxie, but it’s primitive animism is as evocative of late period Slits." for more details on all of the above…

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