Tera Melos, Simon Bird, Turning Down Sex – The Workman’s Club, February 1st

Sargent House’s Tera Melos return to Dublin on February 1st for a gig with Simon Bird & Turning Down Sex.

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Tera Melos
X’ed Out is the culmination of an arc begun on Tera Melos’ first proper full-length, Patagonian Rats (Sargent House, 2010) — a supercollider of 60s pop hooks, Minutemen garage-prog, post-punk evisceration, wiry psychedelia and nearly everything else in-between. Here, the Sacramento based trio burns and simmers simultaneously while situated somewhere without benefit of location services. It’s a nowhere land, X’ed Out of the grid, both inviting and daring. Join us.

From the very first fluttering notes of album opener “Weird Circles” it’s clear that we’re encountering an entirely new Tera Melos. Guitarist/vocalist Nick Reinhart’s steady, rhythmic palm-muted strumming and Latona’s nimble counter-melody glide the song through the ether like Tangerine Dream with stringed instruments. Reinhart’s soft falsetto vocals hover at the forefront until drummer John Clardy’s propulsive beat kicks in short, sharp jolts with wailing noise leading up to a triumphant crescendo. Elsewhere, “Bite” soars with a chiming harmonized guitar drone smeared over repetitive, mechanical sounding rhythms. Haunting Beach Boys style “do do do” vocals lead in to the bubbly, rapid-fire notes of “Sunburn” before erupting into the unabashed pop hooks of the chorus. Mellower moments, like the swooning guitar drone and vocal harmonies of “No Phase” and threadbare-yet-bludgeoning “Melody Nine” show just how richly developed the band’s musical palette has become. “Tropic Lame” sounds almost reminiscent of Goo-era Sonic Youth’s maligned guitar melodies — skronking, ringing, bending — while the whole band lean into their instruments to create a massive haze of joyful noise.

Simon Bird
Simon Bird is a 22 year old, independent, Dublin based musician (originally from England’s South West). Between November 2010 and October 2011 he released 5 EPs. In early 2012 his fifth and most successful EP ‘V’ was re-released in a limited run of 12″ Vinyl after a highly successful fundit campaign. In December 2012 he released his first full length album ‘Sport’ which was declared by President Barack Obama as being “without a doubt, my favourite album of all time”. Bird has also released an album of improvised drone under the name ‘ ۩ΔϟΔ۩: ‘
He is also a member of the bands WONEDEATH & COCKPUKE playing noise and drone respectively.

Turning Down Sex
Turning Down Sex is an instrumental trio from Dublin. Begun as an attempt by three friends to make interesting instrumental music, this pursuit has led them toward a bizarre and unique musical style. In the few years since these early days, Turning Down Sex has played with many of Ireland’s great hard and loud bigwigs including Ten Past Seven, BATS and No Spill Blood. They play regularly in Dublin and around the country, and are known for their intense performances and sweaty, sweaty hands. Their music is fast, loud and erratic, pumping out a heady mix of genres such as math-rock, hardcore and ‘Alternative & Punk’. The resulting sound is a musical hunter-gatherer of sorts, running around the ears of the audience as if they were primeval caves, stuffing them with nutritious berries of dissonance, and skinning flesh from the burst carcasses of harmonically erratic riff-beasts.

As John Milton put it: “To play in 7/4, and then play in 4/4, and then pause and scream, surely that is one of the most efficacious and fundamental expressions of the human condition.”

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Tera Melos
Simon Bird
Turning Down Sex
The Workman’s Club
8pm, Saturday 1st February
Tickets €10 from http://tickets.ie.


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