State vs... Out On A Limb

State vs… Out On A Limb

State vs... Out On A continue their series of monthly gigs this Friday, this time taking on Limerick’s Out On A Limb Records. continue their series of monthly gigs this Friday, this time taking on Limerick’s Out On A Limb Records.

July’s State vs…. gig sees the online music magazine lock horns with one of the finest independent record labels in the country. Founded in Limerick in 2003, Out On A Limb announced itself to the world with Giveamanakick’s debut ‘Is It OK To Be Loud, Jesus?’ – a fine summation of the label itself. Since then, they’ve put out records for a number of bands, including Crayonsmith, giveamanakick, Hooray For Humans, Rest, Ten Past Seven, Waiting Room & windings. The label is very much run on a DIY ethos, and aims to continually release innovative, quality recordings that are kept to a low cost for the listener. All of which means they are perfect for a State music night.

The Funeral Suits were one of State’s Faces Of 2010, attracting us with their freewheeling combination of guitars and synths. Kicking off their year with a slot on the NME Showcase tour, they’ve been concentrating on recording their debut album with producer Stephen Street. With a sound that takes everything in from lo-fi acoustic melodies to Scuzzy rock, woozy instrumentals to ambient electronic pieces, pure pop to dirgy almost-metal, windings are a typical yet atypical Out On A Limb Band. Moving from a solo project to a fully fledged four piece, their second album is due soon.

Our Introducing… slot this month comes courtesy of Meljoann, wonky R&B/electronic producer and vocalist. As part of the musique concrète/industrial noise combo Gland & Conduit (debut album ‘Ore’ due out this year on Second Square to None) she has played shows in the Dublin Electronic Arts Festival (DEAF), A4 Sounds, and Second Square to None. She has contributed vocals to other projects, such as Herv’s ‘Gang Molded’, an old-skool rave and breakcore album (The Centrifuge).

State vs Out On A Limb
The Funeral Suits

The Mercantile,
Friday 16th July, 9pm €Free

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