Red Bull Bedroom Jam 2012

The Red Bull Bedroom Jam is open for submissions – read on if you fancy winning a festival performance or a week’s recording time for your band. Battle Of The Bands competitions have rightly enough earned a bad rap over the years. We all know the score: A couple of crummy bands play a dingy pub, with all the jury nobbling, vote rigging, audience stuffing and fixed results that go along with it while the bar owner makes a killing from all the friends & family members induced to attend to ‘support’ the bloke they know in whatever band.

This one’s a bit different – it’s all about the wisdom of the crowd. The Bedroom Jam will attempt to harness the pure democratic power of THE MODERN INTERNETS 2.0 to choose its six finalists, three of whom will go on to play some Irish festivals, before the judges (including The Irish Times’ Brian Boyd & Stuart Bailie) decide who gets to win a week’s recording with a “top producer”.

Fancy your chances?

“…upload a video to the competition website, and from February 27th the bi-weekly Bedroom Jam Buzz Chart will reveal which of the country’s acts have been the most popular in terms of video views and comments. Social media activity, such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook also counts in the chart.

From there 6 bands will be filmed live from the comfort of their own homes, while the world watches online; from those, 3 bands will be chosen to actually get out of their houses and play at the biggest Irish music festivals in 2012; and finally, one band will be crowned as winners at a live final next Autumn and they will go on to record for a week with a top producer in the Red Bull Studios.”

If you’re in a… shall we say “mature” band there’s a small catch – all band members have to be over 17 to enter, but one of you must be under 26. 

Rams Pocket Radio will play a Bedroom Jam gig in The Speakeasy Bar in Queens College Belfast on Thursday, with admission via wristband which will be given out on campus.

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