Rabble Ruckus #3 – A Grimey Dublin Affair

Rabble are holding a fundraiser in King 7 on Capel Street this Saturday to help pay the printing costs of their next issue. Expect performances from Temper Mental Misselayneous, Street Literature, Don Rosco & more.

Your favorite quarterly is gearing up to produce another shit stirrer. Our spring issue’s due for Paddy’s Day and the printing bill is around the corner. We’d be dead and buried without the support of you lot.

Those of you who were there know our last party of electronica and punk seriously went off . This time up its the turn of the MCs and hype machines.

Folk devils Willa Lee and Gary O’Brien start us off with a traditional Dublin ting. From deepest Northside we have the Street Literature posse keeping the dance conscious, with their scathing urban poetics. Bass monsters A-Force and Lady Grew promise some crowd rocking riddims. Temper Mental Misselayneous has been destroying gaffs with her flow for months and is jumping on the mic too. Original junglist Don Rosco‘s gonna have us putting our lighters in the air, so we’ll be tearing the roof off the place by the time Major Grave unleashes his grime killers.

They’re also on the lookout for new contributors:

Doing a magazine like this is a labour of love, with about as much chance of making money as a vinyl release. Each issue sees us trying to up our game a little bit more. What we are looking for this issue ranges from investigative pieces that break new stories, bitter satire, better illustrations and more humour. So if you fancy seeing your name in print, shout now.

Rabble Fundraiser
Major Grave
A-Force and Lady Grew
Don Rosco
Temper Mental MissElayneous
Street Literature
Willa Lee
Gary O’Brien
King 7, 122 Capel Street
9pm – 2.30am, Sat 25th Feb 2012
€8 before 11, €10 after.  


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