¡Popicalia! #4: Patrick Kelleher, Groom, Goodly Thousands, & Voided By Ponces

The next Popicalia is this Thursday in Shebeen Chic, with Patrick Kelleher, Groom, Goodly Thousands & Voided By Ponces
The next Popical Island outing is this Thursday in Shebeen Chic, wherein €5 gets you an evening of Patrick Kelleher, Groom, Goodly Thousands & Voided By Ponces.

¡Popicalia! #4 takes place on December 2nd, 2010 and promises to deliver only the best in homegrown Irish pop, as always. And the best thing is that it’s Popical Island’s first birthday, so what better way to finish off what has been a seriously fun year for the collective than to celebrate with some frolic-filled festivities, featuring three friggin’ great bands, lots of DJs and – yes! – even a party band. And will there be cake? There just might be!

Patrick Kelleher
What goes on in the blob of gooey musical excellence that is Patrick Kelleher’s mind? We’re not sure, but it’s pretty exciting, whatever it is. Musical demons occupy the multitude of chilling corners that Patrick and his various band incarnations (His Cold Dead Hands perhaps being the most familiar) have explored in his tender years. With anything from ’50s doo-wop to ’80s synth pop to electronica to psyche-folk making an appearance in a set, the unique pop world of Patrick Kelleher is one of the best things to come out of this country—or any country for that matter—in a long time. And did we mention he has one of the most hauntingly excellent voices you’ll ever hear? Yeah, no doubt we’re super excited to have Patrick play ¡Popicalia! #4.

Hyperactive bizarro-folk-rockers Groom would have every right to be basking in the effervescent glow of their recent album, Marriage. “Look at it there, sitting on my kitchen table like a bowl of fruit”, a complacent Groomer might say. “Ain’t it amazing?” Instead, they are playing some of the best shows you’ll see around these parts, all percussive and swelling and lilting and charging and yearning and mourning and celebrating, flitting here and there from Saint Dominic’s Preview to The Life Pursuit and wherever else. Come see them, you won’t regret a second. Oh, I’d like to note that I’m not in Groom, I’m Mr X from the band Xxxx Xxxxxx.

Goodly Thousands
Goodly Thousands is quite possibly the most delicately catchy indie pop band we’ve heard in years. A three-piece led by the rather brilliant Colm Dawson, the songs are utterly romantic and original. Clever lyrics and jangly, jangly guitars cut straight to the point and transport you to a world of torn young men in long coats and socially-awkward girls with glasses. We defy you not to be charmed and beguiled by this band.

L A T E N I G H T P A R T Y B A N D – Voided By Ponces
We usually have Popical Island DJs rounding off these nights, spinning all those nearly-hits. For our first birthday bash, we thought, why not have a band playing a bunch of amazing nearly-hits instead? When we couldn’t find any such band, we decided to ask Voided By Ponces, faithful regurgitators of the Guided By Voices oeuvre of not-even-nearly-hits, to step into the breach. Shout along as they drunkenly send us motoring away into a new year, while the buzzards and dreadful crows circle. Game of pricks indeed.

Popical Island Presents:
¡Popicalia! #4
Patrick Kelleher
Goodly Thousands
+ Voided By Ponces
Shebeen Chic, Thursday 2nd December
€5, 8:30pm


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