Christmastime In Dublin Town

It’s like our own little Christmas miracle:’s very own collectively written & recorded festive charity hit single Christmastime In Dublin Town.
Says main instigator Shneaky 6Pack:

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house , not a creature was stirring…

Except that there was a mad hooly going on and everyone was going mental singing along to the World’s First public internet forum generated Christmas Hit Single – Christmastime In Dublin Town.

Initiated as an experiment in collaboratively creating a killer pop tune for Christmas by Thumped member Shneaky 6pack, this thing sprouted legs and is now hurtling up the iTunes Irish Pop chart. Board members each wrote a line, with each having seen only the preceding line, and when 12 lines were written… well, listen for yourself..

The level of solidarity this project has inspired amongst the members of Irelands most significant fully Independent music website has been staggering ,with people from all corners and genres getting involved to try put the kibosh on the usual muck we are forcefed annually at this time of year.

So, this song might well be muck too – but it’s the PEOPLES muck!

Death to the record Industry… LONG LIVE MUSIC! (oh and MERRY F*CKING CHRISTMAS)

Love, Shneaky 6Pack & the Christmastime in Dublin Town Gang!

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Christmastime In Dublin Town is available to buy from iTunes (where it’s already broken the Pop Top 40 WIDE OPEN… briefly.) for 99c right now. Physical copies will  be available soon, subject to successful fundraising, and there’s a video on the way too… Money raised from sales will be donated to a Wet Hostel in Dublin city centre.

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