Popicalia #17: Lie Ins, Cave Ghosts, Oh Boland – Anseo Saturday, 2nd February

Popicalia 17 is tomorrow in Anseo, with Lie Ins (who are launching their Death To Lie Ins album), Cave Ghosts & Oh Boland.

Featuring Lie Ins’ mostly-unadorned, signature sound of trash-can drums, bashed guitar and a single vocal, Death to Lie Ins is an articulate, energy-fueled slab of literate pop. From the opening clangs of Cold Comfort through to the dying, longing breath of County Mayo, Lie Ins mesh sweet-tooth songwriting with punk, rock and roll, folk, psychedelia, country, and traditional Irish song, making unequivocal statements about the vagaries – the joys and hostilities – of modern Irish life.

Cave Ghosts were brought together by a mutual love of Brian Wilson, 60s girl groups and cats, they play reverb soaked 60’s pop with dreamy female harmonies. The band includes past and present members of Hooray for Humans, Grand Pocket Orchestra, Forming and Yeh Deadlies and formed in early 2012.

Popical Island Present: Popicalia #17
Lie Ins (album launch)
Cave Ghosts 
Oh Boland 
8:30pm, Saturday February 2nd
Anseo, Camden Street

€7 gets you into the gig, €10 euros gets you in with a CD

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