Popical Saturday 2012 – Whelan’s, Saturday 7th July

19 bands from the Popical Island crew take over Whelan’s on Saturday 7th July for the launch of the third – and final – Popical Island compilation CD.
Each and every copy of the 23 track CD comes lovingly wrapped in a unique hand painted cover, and it’ll also be available on cassette and as a modern download. We’d like to have a track from it here, but it turns out those jerks hate us or something.

The line up:

    • Biggles Flies Again
    • Big Monster Love
    • Ginnels
    • Grand Pocket Orchestra
    • Groom
    • Jonny Fun & The… Hesitations
    • Land Lovers
    • Lie Ins
    • Little Xs For Eyes
    • Mumblin’ Deaf Ro
    • No Monster Club
    • The #1s
    • Patrick Kelleher
    • The Run Ons
    • Skelocrats
    • Squarehead
    • Tieranniesaur
    • Walpurgis Family
    • Yeh Deadlies

It’s not clear at this point if the running order will also be decided alphabetically, but really we wouldn’t put it past them. They’re pretty crazy like that.

Popical Island Presents
Popical Saturday 2012
An All Day Pop Extravaganza
Whelan’s & Upstairs At Whelan’s
2pm, Saturday 7th July
Free admission.


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