Popical Invasion: Tieranniesaur, Land Lovers, So Cow, Squarehead, Dott, Big Monster Love + more

Tieranniesaur, So Cow, Land Lovers & the rest of the Popical Island crew head to The Roisin Dubh in Galway on Thursday to take over Strange Brew for one night.

Hopefully they’re all travelling in one bus, Partridge Family-style.

Popical Island is a small, hard-working collective of bands and like minded souls who work together to organise events and releases. Popical Island is not a record label; the bands own their recordings and copyright 100%.

Popical Island is based in Dublin. Formed by the bands Land Lovers, Yeh Deadlies and Groom in 2010, it also is home to some of Ireland’s most exciting pop bands, including Tieranniesaur, Squarehead, Pantone 247 and Grand Pocket Orchestra. We have released 2 compilations, Popical Island #1 and #2. These compilations introduced the world to many’s the poptastic upstart, like Rhino Magic, Goodly Thousands and Feed the Bears, while featuring gems from the catchiest indie tune-slingers from across the country – your So Cows and your No Monster Clubs.

The collective also curates a monthly club night, Popicalia, where attendees typically wear their best cardigans and slacks and sometimes have sex in the jacks. Popical Island has put out new releases by Yeh Deadlies, Groom, Tieranniesaur, Walpurgis Family, Land Lovers, Patrick Kelleher & Squarehead, Grand Pocket Orchestra, Big Monster Love and Jonny Fun and the …Hesitations.

Strange Brew Presents: Popical Island Invasion
Land Lovers
Big Monster Love
Walpurgis Family
Grand Pocket Orchestra
So Cow
Lie Ins
The Roisin Dubh, Galway
Thursday 16th August
Free Admission

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