No Spill Blood, Crowhammer – Whelan’s, Saturday 15th March

No Spill Blood will take a break from recording their new LP for Sargent House to play their first Dublin gig of the year this weekend

You’re invited to join them in Whelans of Wexford street, this Saturday the 15th at 7.30pm. Neat dress is not essential, but you don’t want to look like a slob, do you? Not in front of the doyens of the Dublin’s indie scene. Not half you don’t.

Let’s say you like a bit of Trans Am, some synths, pounding drums and some screaming? This is your gig, seriously. Let’s postualte that the Melvins float your boat, or you’ve spent some time moshing your socks off to Adebisi Shank, Hands Up Who Wants to Die or Magic Pockets, then what are you waiting for? Get to the gig already, sheesh.

No Spill Blood have the chops and connections to really make a go of this noise they call home, so in many years you will be telling people you were at this gig. Save yourself that belly reddening shame you’re already beginning to endure at your own future-lies and go to the show. It’ll save untold grief in consequent years.

Support comes from upstarts Crowhammer, purveyors of a kind of stoner, dirge, prog metal noise wizard-rock. Come along and ask them if it’s true they used to be called Sparrowmallet. I’m saying it is true. Internet, the rest is up to you.

See you there, fuckers.

U:Mack Present 
No Spill Blood 
7:30pm, Saturday March 15th

Tickets €10 are available now from &

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