Stellar Om Source

Munitions Family Present: Stellar Om Source

Stellar Om SourceMunitions Family cordially invites you to an evening of improvised / synth / drone / experimental music featuring Dutch synth artist Stellar Om Source in Space 54.

Munitions Family cordially invites you to an evening of improvised / synth / drone / experimental music featuring Dutch synth artist Stellar Om Source, Cian Nugent, Boys Of Summer, School Tour, Scented Candle & DJ sets from Skinny Wolves & Munitions Family DJs in Space 54 on Saturday next, 29th May.

Munitions Family presents THE SUMMER OF SLAM – 5 way happening – an evening of inner space.

// Stellar Om Source (NL)//
// Cian Nugent //
// Boys of Summer //
// School Tour //
// Scented Candle //
Date: Saturday 29 May 2010
Venue: Space54, Smithfield, Dublin 1 – Beside LUAS ( //
Adm: 10 Euro

Stellar OM Source is the solo project of electronic musician, composer, visionary artist and icon Christelle Gualdi. She was born in the suburbs of Paris from French-Italian parents. She began to play electronic music as a teenager while recording soundtracks for exhibitions, assisting her father at the radio studio using Yamaha MSX and Atari 1040 systems. Next to this, her music taste has been influenced by early fascination for fusion, guitar heroes and ECM artists, as well as disco and new-age music her mother brought to her. She plays today a range of different analog synthesizers and makes an extensive use of MIDI and electronic equipment. Stellar OM Source involves musicality as a transport to the ocean realm within the stars. She combines gorgeous, rippling keyboard runs with clusters of overtone gravity so thick they seem to simply hang in the air and unravel true beauty. Beyond the interface of the machine, she conveys spirituality and an emotional body. Her sounds can be related to Terry Riley, Alice Coltrane or Ryuichi Sakamoto.
In the past she has collaborated live with people such as Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo, Tony Conrad, The Skaters, Ducktails,Oneohtrix Point Never etc. And is currently on tour in the US with Daniel Higgs.

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Cian Nugent
Cian Nugent is a young guitar player and composer from Dublin who combines squicky pre-war blues, Appalachian string band music, modern classical and the Takoma school into a deeply personal style. His music boasts an orchestrated and fully instrumented sound that is playful and eerie at the same time.
In the past he has toured with people such as Jack Rose, Glenn Jones, Ben Reynolds, Nalle, The Family Elan, George Stavis, Jozef van Wissem, C Joynes, Peter Delaney, Thinguma*jigSaw and James Blackshaw throughout Europe and the United States. Cian can also be found playing bass in Sea Dog.”

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Boys of Summer
Boys of Summer is a Dublin based synthesizer trio made up of Paul G. Smyth (The Jimmy Cake), Ivan Pawle (Sea Dog) and Andrew Fogarty (Reptile Brain, Toymonger, Weil Rats) on the Munitions Family label. The group primarily uses analogue synthesizers and tape delays to create a modern electronic sound, which draws from early German Electronic Experimentalists and minimalists like Terry Riley and Brian Eno. Boys of Summer have performed alongside artists such as Cluster, Xeno & Oaklander, Led er Est, Grouper, John Weise, Pocahaunted, Sun Araw, Lucky Dragons and Gnod. To date the group has released three albums on the Dublin-based Munitions Family label; ‘V’ (2008), ‘Pharaoh’ (2009) and ‘Future Ancients’ (2010).

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School Tour
“Solar flare gamelan disco brain rot from Mt. Errigal.” – School Tour is Gerard Duffy of Children Under Hoof / Patrick Kelleher and His Cold Dead Hands
“Weird, wonderful and space-age electronica from the wilds of Donegal to send shivers down your spine. “Skating With Another” is music for trekking along icy plateaux and frozen hills in the dead of winter.” – The Irish Times

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Scented Candle
“Scented Candle is a nu-age duo comprised of Ivan (Boys of Summer, Sea Dog) and Eilis (Tremors). Smells like teen spirit and burnt out incense cones in a pool of melted wax on an ocean of essential oils.”

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