Mumblin’ Deaf Ro, The Driftwood Manor, Mossy Nolan – Designist, 30th September

Deserted Village bring Mumblin’ Deaf Ro, The Driftwood Manor & Mossy Nolan to Georges Street non-venue Designist on 30th September.

Mumblin’ Deaf Ro is a Dublin-based songwriter who has released three albums to date. ‘Senor, My Friend . . .’ (2003) was called ‘a rare thing: a genuine cult classic’ (Irish Times) and ‘one of the lost classics of Irish indie pop (Mongrel). ‘The Herring and the Brine’ (2007) was voted one of the best Irish albums of the decade on Nialler9, AU and Cluas. ‘Dictionary Crimes’ is Ro’s third album. The album tries to explain what it’s like to be part of a family. The music centres around interlocking guitar parts with sensitive backing on bass and drums. The musicians who worked on the album are Donnchadh Hoey (Spook of the Thirteenth Lock, Iarla Ó’Lionáird), Conor Rapple (Steerage, Alien Items) and Joss Moorkens (Dudley Corporation, Si Schroeder). The album was recorded byJimmy Eadie (previous work with David Kitt, Jape, Crash Ensemble) and produced by contemporary composerEnda Bates. The album took Ro five years to write but was recorded more or less live in about four days.
The Driftwood Manor
Formed in 2007, The Driftwood Manor is an Irish folk act, based around lynchpin Eddie Keenan, taking in a wide range of influences from Irish traditional music to American folk, bluegrass, Eastern music and alternative rock as well as many others. Releases vary from ‘song’ based folk releases to instrumental and more experimental pieces. The band have released six albums/EPs to date since 2008. An EP called “Dominican Black Abbey” is out now on Rusted Rail.

Mossy Nolan
Mossy Nolan is a singer & musician based in Dublin, Ireland who plays a mix of original folk influenced
string music &songs as well as very unique arrangements of traditional material. His debut album features
heartfelt well crafted songs along with some rip-roaring odd shaped tunes. Mossy has been compared musically to Planxty, Andy Irvine & Sean Tyrrell, and pocesses spectacular vocal ability.

Deserted Village Presents
Mumblin’ Deaf Ro
The Driftwood Manor
Mossy Nolan
Designist, 68 South Great Georges Street
6:30pm Sunday September 30th
Admission €8

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