Melodica Deathship, Minnows! – Seomra Spraoi Benefit, July 7th

Melodica Deathship & Minnows! will play a BYOB benefit gig for Seomra Spraoi on Saturday 7th July.

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Seomra Spraoi
is an autonomous social centre in Dublin city centre. It is run by a non-hierarchical, anti capitalist collective on a not-for-profit basis. It hosts workshops, gigs, political meetings, language lessons, film screenings, a vegan cafe and lots more. The centre seeks to be a hub of positive resistance in a city and society where public spaces have been eaten away by consumerism, property speculation and the culture of the car.

Seomra Spraoi Benefit Gig
Melodica Deathship
Seomra Spraoi
10 Belvedere Court, Off Gardiner Street
Dublin 1
8pm, Saturday 7th July
€10, BYOB

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