Love Music Hate Racism Present Woody Guthrie Day

Love Music Hate Racism Present Woody Guthrie Day – Dublin, Derry, Belfast

Love Music Hate Racism Present Woody Guthrie DayLove Music Hate Racism Present Woody Guthrie Day on Sunday 3rd October in Dublin, Derry & Belfast.

Love Music Hate Racism Present Woody Guthrie Day on Sunday 3rd October, in Dublin, Derry & Belfast.

On Sunday October 3rd, Love Music Hate Racism in Belfast, Derry and Dublin will unite to mark the 43rd anniversary of the death of American folk hero Woody Guthrie.

The day will begin with the screening of the Billy Bragg narrated documentary ‘Woody Guthrie: This Machine Kills Fascists’ and will end with a celebration of his music, and music he influenced later that evening.

Woody Guthrie also known as the “Dust Bowl Troubadour” due to songs inspired by Dust Bowl era, travelled the country mainly by box car from Oklahoma to California during the Depression of the 1930’s with thousands of other migrants looking for work. Many of his songs are concerned with the conditions faced by these working class people, and inspired many of the great songwriters that came after him including Bob Dylan and Phil Ochs. During his time he played at countless labour strikes, union meetings, migrant camps, and Communist Hollywood parties with actor, Will Geer, and wrote for Communist papers The Light and People’s World.

On 3rd October 1967 Guthrie died from complications connected to Huntington’s disease, a progressive genetic neurological disorder.

LMHR will be donating all proceeds from the gigs to the Huntington’s Associations of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Sunday 3rd October – Documentary Screenings – FREE
Woody Guthrie: This Machine Kills Fascists
DUBLIN – The Mercantile – 6pm
BELFAST – Ulster Hall Shared Space – 3pm
DERRY – Sandinos – 3pm

Sunday 3rd October – Gigs – 9pm
DUBLIN – The Mercantile
Love Music Hate Racism & Sunday Roast present
This Sunday Roast Kills Fascists
Free / Suggested donation of €5
The Cujo Family , Prarie Dawgs , The Fusion Family, Stefan Galt , Ugly Beautiful , The Annulments , Awake Young Soldiers and more.

BELFAST – McHughs Basement
Jonny Black (Lafaro), Robyn G Shiels, Acoustic Dan, Rachel Austin and Deadonmusic DJ’s.

DERRY – Sandinos
Roy Arbuckle, Technopeasant, Junior Johnson, Paddy Nash.

Huntington’s Northern Ireland
Huntington’s Ireland –

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