James Cleaver Quintet Irish Tour

The entirely inaccurately-named James Cleaver Quintet will be over for a short Irish tour next month.

There’s only four of them, none of whom are called James Cleaver, so there’s no reason at all to doubt their bio:

The James Cleaver Quintet met at a Chris Eubank convention in Hull. It was a love of good quality profiteroles and fresh water fish (particularly Sturgeons) that brought them together. They started off as an N-Dubz cover band, playing all the hits from “Papa Can You Hear Me?” to “Better Not Waste My Time” and back again, but cranking things up a notch by throwing a Bulgarian folk twist into the mix. To reiterate, The James Cleaver Quintet must not be allowed to get in the way of the bigger question: why are we here? They enlighten our lives daily, they brought up a generation and in conclusion, The James Cleaver Quintet truly is, The James Cleaver Quintet.


5th April The Twisted Pepper, Dublin with Wounds & Hands Up Who Wants To Die (via Demented Promotions)
6th April Kelly’s Bar, Galway with Ilenkus & More TBC
7th April Baker Place, Limerick with Ocean Over Head & Sky Harbor
8th April Crane Lane Theatre, Cork with Hope Is Noise & Agitate The Gravel


Tim Key
Tim Key
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