Independent Record Label Market – Curved Street, 8th October

Like a scene from some sort of alternative universe Albert Square, 14 of the finest Irish independent labels will be setting out their stalls on Curved Street this Saturday as part of the Hard Working Class Heroes festival.

This Saturday at Hard Working Class Heroes, 14 Irish indie labels will be setting up shop on Curved Street in Temple Bar to sell some records, tapes, CDs, t-shirts and stuff like that. Do come along and peruse the stalls, listen to some cool music, have a chat or bring some warm beverages.

Between 10am & 2pm you’ll find Quarter Inch, Popical Island, The Delphi Label, Long Lost, Skinny Wolves, Osaka & Out On A Limb, then from 2pm to 6pm it’s the turn of Smalltown America, Psychonavigation Records, CF Records, Rubyworks, All-City Dublin, Eleven Eleven & The Richter Collective.

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