Like There’s No Tomorrow – Out Now & Free Today

Large Mound’s Anthony Mackey has released the first album from his Like There’s No Tomorrow solo project. It’s available as a free download for today only.

The CD version is €10 and is also avaiable from

This album? Why? What’s it for? Who wants this?

This album happened mainly because I wanted to work on something that had I full control of. I don’t just mean musically but how it was done and when. This album would get done or not on my timetable. And sure enough it’s late. My deadline, my fault.

But I also did this for fun. I wanted to experiment with songwriting. I wanted to see what kind of a Pop song I would write, I love 80s Metal, could I write a plodding Heavy Metal Anthem? What would it sound like if I tried to write a heartfelt Country song and so on? I wanted it to sound like a compilation album. In my head it does anyway.

Even though I worked mostly alone on this I have had a great time doing it. So many takes ruined by my laughing. Really this album, for me, was about the process and it feels weird to be finished or having people hear it.

Enjoy, have fun.


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