Mariee Sioux

Hefty Horse Presents: Mariee Sioux

Mariee SiouxUS folkster Mariee Sioux plays Anseo this Sunday, courtesy of Hefty Horse.

US folkster Mariee Sioux plays Anseo this Sunday, courtesy of Hefty Horse. Also playing are Owensie and Peter Delaney.

The tale of MARIEE SIOUX begins as delicately and spiritually as her captivating song, as a small ember introduced to the universe that soon grew into a flame of hope and illumination. Her dazzling debut album ‘Faces in the Rocks’, weaves together the poetic interpretations of the universe’s deep truths and interconnectedness that have intrigued her since childhood. Each spin invites listeners to be the cast in Mariee’s entrancing tale with a journey ahead that is only beginning.

The stage was set in her hometown of Nevada City, CA, a historically creative community in which artists have flourished over the ages, where Mariee intertwined the vivid verse she had been writing as a child with the life lessons she has learned as an adult for this powerful record. Her roots had been planted deep in music through the love of her mandolin-playing father, but it was not until Mariee ventured a life-changing trip to Patagonia at the age of 17 that she began to play an instrument herself. She soon perfected the spry, delicate finger picking guitar technique featured on ‘Faces in the Rocks’, a faultless accompaniment to her strong yet sweetly cooing vocals, and toured internationally with her adoring compatriots BRIGHTBLACK MORNING LIGHT.

Featuring Grammy-nominee GENTLE THUNDER’s enchanting sound on a redwood-carved Native American flute as well as her own famed father Gary Sobonya on mandolin, Mariee recorded Faces in May 2007 with a troupe of Nevada City’s talented musicians. Recorded with the intent of aligning the magnificence of the human voice with the universe’s creative energy, each song is a stirring exploration of life. Her tales range from the profundity of friendship on the single ‘Friendboats’ to the yearning of self-understanding on ‘Bundles’, each laced with fabled images and poignant verse. ‘Two Tongues at One Time’, recently released on a rare 7” vinyl, is a sonnet-filled homage to the ancestors who traversed the wild lands of America hundreds of years ago, reminding listeners of our vital ties to our past.

Continuing the folk tradition of songwriting greats such as JONI MITCHELL, KATE WOLF and NICK DRAKE, ‘Faces in the Rocks’ glorifies an appreciation of the working spirit and the oneness of nature that remains timeless.
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Also playing are Peter Delaney & Owensie. More details here:
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