Chaos Thaoghaire

Chaos Thaoghaire – It Was Like That When I Got Here

Chaos ThaoghaireLying, cheating, humiliation, rivalry – yeah, it’s Chaos Thaoghaire again.

A what now? Chaos Thaoghaire is a night of “…storytelling, games, camaraderie (ha!), bloody-minded rivalry, and mutual humiliation” over the course of which a number of invited speakers tell stories on an agreed theme for competitive advantage. In between these stories, the audience gets to participate in several rounds of team games of increasing levels of viciousness. This month’s event takes place in the Sugar Club on May 27th and the theme is ‘It Was Like That When I Got Here‘.

Join us this month as we try to break a new record for the world’s LARGEST Chaos Thaoghaire. You – yes, YOU! – can be a part of this historic event (we might even take some photos for the time capsule).

This very month, the biggest Chaos Thaoghaire ever held anywhere on the earth is taking place at The Sugar Club on Lower Leeson Street. Join us and bring a team, bring friends and/or enemies. We’re trying a slightly different and even more chaotic format, and we think you’ll like it. We have mind-blowing games in the works and, as usual, awesome/talented/witty (delete as appropriate) storytellers to entertain you. Seven of them! SEVEN! If they were puppies, that would be one seriously exhausted bitch.

THURSDAY May 27th, 2010 Chaos Thaoghaire at The Sugar Club (8 Lower Leeson Street)
The theme this month: ‘It Was Like That When I Got Here’, tales of disasters (both natural and man-made)
Doors open at 7:30pm, 10 Euro at the door

*because we’re in a different venue we’re a little more formal this month – please be in the door by 7.30 (think of this like live theatre – white gloves recommended but WILL be soiled, and punctuality is expected, although we have not yet reached the milestone where we get to warn you that ‘the first three rows may get wet’).

Additional information, both necessary and too much available at You can share your armageddon and apocalypse night terrors with us here:
As usual, email us with requests/questions/comments/compliments about how pretty we are — and let no ash cloud stop you from attending this event! In addition to friends, bring your a-game and don’t forget to check your dignity at the door. There’s no need to book, just arrive on time!
Chaos Thaoghaire returns to their spiritual home Odessa in June for another Chaos Champions League event.

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