Hard Working Class Heroes 2009 Schedule

Hard Working Class Heroes 2009 Schedule

Hard Working Class Heroes 2009 Schedule

Hard Working Class Heroes has announced the full schedule for this year’s Festival, taking place in Dublin this weekend.

Hard Working Class Heroes has announced the full schedule for this year’s Festival, taking place in Dublin this Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

The festival features 100 Irish Bands, plus a Photographic Exhibition, Industry Panels and Speed Mentor Sessions. The festival website (www.hwch.net) will provide constant updates on the festival, with the lineup details available at http://www.hwch.net/schedule.html

Aside from all of the bands playing, the panel discussions look like they could be interesting. All will be moderated by Jim Carroll of the Irish Times / On The Record Blog and entry is free for anyone with a valid day / weekend wristband.

Saturday 17 October:
2.00pm: Media – Why The First, Last And Middle Words Are Online
(featuring Sean Adams, Niall Byrne, James Foley, Una Mullally, Anthony Volodkin)
We never thought it would last but, boy, we were wrong. In the last 10 years, there has been an explosion in music coverage online. From MP3 blogs which can help to crack acts and generate new genres in the process (come on down bloghouse) to websites which are the old inkies in all but name, waves of webby whipper-snappers have emerged as a new force to be reckoned. But what does this mean for bands? Are blogs as unapproachable as the old music media and the MMS? Will blogs even bother with you if you don’t look like Grizzly Bear and sound like La Roux (or look like La Roux and sound like Grizzly Bear)? Who the hell reads blogs anyway? And should bands bin those glossy colour photos that the dude at some rip-off music biz training course said they should get printed by his mate? The revolution from the horse’s mouth, spell-checked and gramatically correct.
3.30pm: Music Placement – TV On The Radio
(featuring Keith Johnson, Steve Lindsey, Gabe McDonagh, Nick Robinson, Josh Roth)
The most important people in your career? That would be the director of whatever US TV show is currently pulling in the viewers, the dude who is putting together the ad for the new iPhone and the music supervisor working on next year’s big indie flick about two stoners on a road trip across Canada. Music placement may always have existed in one form or another, but it has never been this crucial to a band’s financial well-being and reputation. Our panel look at how music placements work, compile a list of what a band should do and should not do and spill the beans on the bottom line. We promise that you will never leave the room to make a cup of tea during a TV ad break again.
Sunday 18 October:
2.00pm: Labels – Meet Your New Best Friend
(featuring Wes Howerton, Una Johnson, Harry Martin, Jim Powers, Michael Roe)
According to Thom Yorke, you don’t need a record label in the Noughties. No, you simply put your new album on the interweb, leave out a tip-jar and Bob’s you uncle. The real picture, though, is a lot more complex. Our panel of label folks talk about a brave new world where they don’t have the cash to splash on advances any more, yet must compete with a growing number of online and offline hurdles and obstacles. Hear just why you might still need a label in 2009, how labels are reinventing their wheels, what labels are looking for when they go talent scouting and when they’re going to turn a profit on you.
3.30pm: Touring – The Music Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy
(Ian Fintak, Julia Gudzent, Mat Kroepel, Larry Little, Paul Quigley, Storme Whitby-Grubb)
You don’t need us to tell us you need to tour. The only muso we know who doesn’t “do” vans and trucks and buses is Enya but she’s OK, she has her gaff in Killiney paid for. For the rest of us schmucks, it’s all about the three Ts – touring, traction and t-shirts. Like Jack Kerouac, rock’n’roll is on the road and these bed-raggled men and women you see before you are going to tell you how to go from playing gigs in your hometown to playing gigs in someone else’s hometown. It ain’t easy, but we assume you know that already. Bring your own gaffer tape.
In other HWCH news, RTÉ 2XM will be broadcasting 12 hours of live music from the festival. RTÉ’s Paddy McKenna and Eamon Carey of Random Thoughts Media will present four hours of live performances, acoustic sets and tracks from the 99 Irish bands selected to play each evening from 7pm to 11pm. RTÉ 2XM will also be bringing listeners highlights, news and updates from the HWCH panels and mentor sessions. You can hear RTÉ 2XM on digital radio, online at http://www.rte.ie/radio and on Chorus NTL channel 944.
Tickets for Hard Working Class Heroes are on sale now via www.hwch.net (€40 for the full weekend / €18.50 per day – booking fees may apply online).


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