Ballroom 92 Giveaway - Dälek & Charles Hayward

Ballroom 92 Giveaway

Ballroom 92 Giveaway - Dälek & Charles HaywardWe’ve two pairs of tickets to give away for this Thursday’s Ballroom 92 with DälekCharles Hayward & Legion Of Two.

We’ve two pairs of tickets to give away for this Thursday’s Ballroom 92 with DälekCharles HaywardLegion Of Two. Southern Records’ Action Beat were also scheduled to play this gig, but then this happened… so Legion Of Two will fill in for them.

Read on for details of how to enter…

Ballroom #92 : Dälek (Ipecac Recordings, USA), Charles Hayward
Thursday Oct 15th

The Twisted Pepper
Doors 8.30pm
€15 entry, tickets available in advance from
Dälek has rightfully gained iconic status as one of the finest alt-hip hop bands of our time. Until recently ”resolutely underground”, Dälek methodically undermines every idiotic idiom perpetuated by mainstream rap, choosing instead to blend assaultingly hypnotic rhymes with a corrosively atmospheric, electronica-inflected hard rock sensibility. Combine all this with an undeniable lyrical intelligence and absolutely no illusions about the world we live in and you’ve got a duo that effortlessly embraces genres–from hip hop to jazz, from jazz to metal, from metal to punk, from punk to noisecore, from noisecore back to hip hop. Think My Bloody Valentine + Tool + early Wu Tang combined with Massive Attack and Aphex Twin and you only begin to wrap your brain around what Dälek has unleashed with each album release, each collaboration, each remix…
Dälek’s first release, NEGRO NECRO NEKROS (Gern Blandsten 1998) was released to overwhelming critical acclaim, artfully combining elements of Faust, the rock grit of The Velvet Underground, shoegaze-like density of Ride, and electronica beats with incisively lyrical social commentary. Dälek’s second album, FROM THE FILTHY TONGUE OF GODS AND GRIOTS (Ipecac Recordings 2002) established them firmly alongside hip-hop innovators such as the Antipop Consortium and cLOUDDEAD. Come 2004, Dälek released their dense and dread-filled album ABSENCE (Ipecac Recordings 2004), which brought them their broadest critical and public attention to date. Then, in early 2007, the band released what is perhaps their greatest work: the eloquent and brooding ABANDONED LANGUAGE (Ipecac Recordings 2007).

Ever prolific, Dälek is touring throughout Europe and the US in late 2007, in addition to working simultaneously on their next two albums, producing a number of fellow artists and creating remixes and cutting-edge beats upon request…with much, much more to come.

Ballroom 92 Giveaway - Dälek & Charles HaywardCharles Hayward
Charles Hayward is known as the pioneering drummer with This Heat and an ever growing list of solo concerts and cds (His most recent release ‘Abracadabra Information’ is out now on the Locus Solus label), special collaborative performances, and is in Massacre with Bill Laswell and Fred Frith. Committed to song ‘but the shapes have to change’, his current one-man show is an intoxicating mix of percussive attack, swirling electronics and lyrical fragment collage.
‘He sweats, there is saliva coming out of his mouth, and he looks ugly and beautiful at the same time and he is there.’ [Jean-Herve Peron/Faust]
‘Telepathic magic……. Hayward is one of the most life-affirming people who stalks this dark globe.’ [Sound Projector]

To enter just get an email containing your name & mobile number to [email protected] by midnight on Wednesday. Winners will be notified by email on Thursday morning.

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