Hands Up Who Wants To Die, Legion Of Two + Special Guests, Crawdaddy October 21st

Hands Up Who Wants To Die play their first Dublin gig in 6 months at Crawdaddy on October 21st, assisted by Legion Of Two and some “Special Guests”. 

This will be our first Dublin gig in over six months after playing Germany, France and London earlier this year. We’ll be playing some new tunes as well as tracks from ‘Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo’, our debut album which we released in February. Have a listen to the album here: Hands up Who Wants to Die – Buffalo, buffalo, buffalo, Buffalo, buffalo [RIC022] by Richter Collective

We’ve been lucky enough to have eleven artists remix the album tracks over the last few months, they’re nearly all done and you can listen to what we have here: Hands Up Who Wants To Die – Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. (Remixes) by Richter Collective

Legion Of Two
Legion Of Two is Alan O’Boyle and David Lacey. Alan is best known for his work with Decal, while David has drummed with Dog Day and Dinah Brand. The project sees the duo combine electronics against a backdrop of live drums to create a unique ambience. In July 2009, the band released their debut album, ‘Riffs’ on Planet Mu Records. Listen to their deadliness here: http://soundcloud.com/legionoftwo

Special Guests
The special guests are special because they don’t have a name yet. First gig for spasmodic electro rockers in the vein of Trans AM on speed whacked out by the fury of Big Fists Ruadhan O Meara of Magic Pockets with bass duties delivered by Matt Hedigan of Hands Up Who Wants To Die and drum duties hacked to death by Lar Kaye of Adebisi Shank.

Hands Up Who Wants To Die
Legion Of Two
Special Guests (Members of Adebisi Shank, Magic Pockets and HUWWTD)
Friday 21st October, 2011
Doors 8pm
€6 before 9pm/€8 after

The poster , Limited edition screen printed copies of the poster, designed by Gav Beattie, will be available to purchase on the night.


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