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DEAF Showcase - Takeover Recordings, Nice & Nasty, Static Recordings As part of this year’s Dublin Electronic Arts Festival, three local electronic labels will join forces to present an 8 hour extravaganza.

As part of this year’s Dublin Electronic Arts Festival, electronic labels Takeover Recordings, Nice & Nasty & Static Recordings will join forces to present an 8 hour extravaganza.

D.E.A.F 2009 Showcase
Thursday 29th October 2009
Pygmalion, South William Street, Dublin 2
18:00 – 02:30, €Free

Takeover Recordings
Set up in 2000,by Tim Smyth and fellow Belfast producers Paul Proudfoot and David Lowry, the label was a vehicle for releasing their own music. Since then it’s featured the first vinyl releases of respected Irish producers Ed Devane and T.polar. Takeover tracks have been included in the playlists of Laurent Garnier, Andrew Weatherall, and Radioactiveman and featured on the Fabric 9 mix cd. 2009 sees the rebirth of the label with plans for releases from a variety of artists.


2009 sees Nice and Nasty celebrate its 15th year of releases. Originally founded in Belfast, the now Dublin based label is run by Desy Balmer. Releases by artists such as Rob Glennon, thatboytim, The Parallel, T. Polar, Chymera, Orlando Voorn, Marco Bernardi, Terrence Dixon, Mick Chillage and Vakama have seen the label grow from strength to strength in its embrace of a broad range of electronic/dance music.

Static Recordings
Headed by Rob Glennon and featuring artists such as The Parallel, Fran Harnet and Espion, Static Recordings releases regularly feature on Dave Clarke’s White Noise Radio show. The musical roots of the label are wide and varied, encompassing many styles of house, techno and electro music, right down to more ambient and sudued tones.

The Line up includes DJ and Live sets from :
  • The Parallel – Static, Nice & Nasty, Takeover, Electronic Ireland
  • T. Polar – Takeover, Nice &Nasty, Digital Distorstions
  • Rob Glennon – Takeover, Nice & Nasty, Bastardo Electrico
  • Toirse – Educution, D1, Takeover
  • Thatboytim – Takeover, !Kaboogie, Nice&Nasty
  • Desy Balmer – Nice & Nasty, Dublin Xpress
  • Jay Riordan – Nice & Nasty, Takeover, Dublin Xpress
  • Defekt – Takeover, Deadbeat
  • Rogue Frequency – Takeover
  • Sean Mac & Daire Delmar – Ice 9, Soundstream , Neuromantik
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