DCTV October Schedule

DCTV October Schedule

DIY film making, community activism, documentaries & entertainment: DCTV‘s October schedule is now available.

DIY film making, community activism, documentaries & entertainment: DCTV‘s October schedule is now available.

DCTV October ScheduleThis month’s highlights:

Slum Tv: Making Media in Mathare
This documentary by DCTV member Paula Geraghty brings to the fore the activities of the crew of SLUM-TV. Operating from Mathare, one of the largest slums in Kenya, SLUM-TV was created to document the lives of the people in the slum and to ‘reevaluate’ these lives through the camera. The recordings are projected on wall, at night, for the viewing pleasure of the neighborhood. Since it’s creation, the SLUM-TV has emerged as a avenue for the slum youths to express themselves and initiate dialogue within their community

Getting to Know You
Melvin Flores worked as an investigative journalist in Belize, Central America, for 12 years. He is presently living in Derry Londonderry. Flores began receiving threats and menacing telephone calls following the publication of an exposé about corruption in Belize City, the country’s largest metropolis, this episode looks at his career.

Larkin Hedge School
The Larkin Hedge School is a celebration of music, song and poetry run by the Clé Club. Founded in 2009, to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the founding of the ITGWU by Jim Larkin, the Larkin Hedge School hopes to become an annual event which, like the Clé Club seeks to promote the principle that a good trade-union movement exists for the cultural enrichment of its members as well as the protection of their rights.

Deirdres Passions
Directed by Ger Consadine, the documentry ‘Deirdre’s Passsions’ is a short which tells the story of the Galway author Deirdre Manifold , one-time girlfriend of the notorious Irish poet, Patrick Kavanagh . The film was screened at the Way Out West segment of the Galway Film Fleadh.

Cannonball Run 09
The Cannonball Run was a dive right in film making affair last March. Where ten groups of young film makers got the chance to burn themselves out to a cinder as they struggled to make a short in 24 hours. The groups had just one day to pick actors, then shoot and edit their wares down to a final product. All content submitted was screened and judged at the end of the run and has it’s first airing on Dublin Community TV this month.

Schedule Detail:

Digital Stories – Running time: 02:07:17
Mon 2030, Tues 1630, Weds 2030, Fri 2300, Saturday 1630

  • Deirdres Passions
  • The Clients
  • Setting Up Shop
  • Lebanon: Conversations on Conflict

Around The City – Running time: 02:29:43
Mon 1630, Tues 1400, Thurs 1400, Saturday 1630, Sunday 1630

  • Tower Tales
  • Hidden Voices 1
  • Community Response
  • Alternative Life styles
  • Stressed Streets

Around The Country – Running time: 02:24:03
Tues 20:30, Weds 1630, Thurs 2300, Fri 1630

  • ENFO: Rathlin Island
  • Stap An Phreas
  • Crafta Webb
  • Crafta Webb Short
  • Mary The Community Activist

Give Me The Camera – Running time: 02:24:43
Thurs 20:30, Friday 20:30, Saturday 20:30, Sunday 23:00

  • Cannonball Run 2009
  • Addiction
  • Seomra Spraoi
  • The South Side Satanists
  • Night Fall
  • Now and Forever
  • Alien Verbatim
  • Reflector
  • Head or Tails
  • I Am What I Am
  • Meet the Don Don
  • Art by Another Name

Independent Media – Running time: 02:30:00
Mon 2300, Weds 2300, Thurs 1630, Fri 1400, Sat 2300, Sun 2030

  • Larkin Hedge School Part 1
  • Larkin Hedge School Part 2
  • Slum TV
  • Table Bed and Chair
  • Joanne Richardson – In Transit

Entertainment – Running time: 02:28:52
Mon 1400, Tues 2300, Weds 1400, Sun 2030

  • Getting to Know You: Melvin Flores
  • Two Minds: Architects and Art
  • The Motion Project
  • What is Indie
  • Festival of Fools

Fresh – Running time: 01:30:00
Our Fresh blocks play out everyday at 1230 and 1900.
Fresh features the latest in community media productions from our studio.

  • The House
    Using embedded learning and drama The House looks at computer literacy issues among adults. 7pm on Thursday, repeated on Friday at 12.30pm and then Sunday at 7pm.
  • Power Down
    In the age of peak oil, how can we power down?
  • Street Smart Sustainability
    Raising ecological questions.
  • Looking Left
    Revisiting old left publications
  • Never Too Late
    A series addressing the elderly.
  • RAG
    DIY and anarchist scenes get space to air their politics.
More info at dctv.ie.


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