Days On End Festival – 10th-12th February, Cork

The inaugural Days On End experimental music festival takes place in Cork next month, with three days of events lined up.


The festival will encompass music, film, workshops & talks, ending with ‘On‘, a multiple-performer, 24 hour(!) ‘improvisational event’

Days On End is a new, independently-run festival aiming to celebrate the best of Ireland’s burgeoning experimental music-scene. Occurring over three days and nights, it will seek to foster a greater network of exchange between musicians, improvisers, and experimental practitioners from all across the country, whilst also hoping to encourage a greater level of awareness and sense of participation among the general public.

Participants include The Bridges of Madison County, The Glamour and Prestige of Diarmuid MacDiarmada, The Māori John Wayne, Jesse Ronneau, Robbie Collins, Ed Devane, Ruth Clinton and Niamh Moriarty.

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