Dark Arts Festival

Dark Arts Festival, 25th – 28th October

Electro, Techno, Experimental, EBM and Industrial artists and visual art performances

Dark Arts Festival, Dublin’s first avant-garde electronic music festival, takes place later this month

The festival features 15 Electro, Techno, Experimental, EBM and Industrial artists and visual art performances across venues like the Smock Alley Theatre, Kaizen, and The Soundhouse.

Tickets are available now from https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/dark-arts-festival-2019-tickets-65037110749 with a weekend pass available for €69.99 that covers all events bar the now sold out opening night performance.

The Dark Arts Festival is offering Dublin’s avant-garde electronic music fans the chance to witness some of the most renowned performers from Berlin, Copenhagen and Toulouse alongside the most diverse Irish talent.

Within intimate venues hosting the festival including Smock Alley Theatre, Dark Arts Festival promises to showcase the best dark multidisciplinary artists from Electro to Techno, Experimental, Ambient Sonic and visual art.

Dark Arts Festival is independently financed and created with love by Damien McClurg. Damien says: “This is the first year of the festival and I hope it will give Irish artists, in particular, a chance to perform, those who don’t usually get a platform. Similar festivals have sold out in Amsterdam and Barcelona, but this helps promote Irish artists.”

Dark Arts Festival are also excited to welcome some international acts like high energy Viscerale (this will be the Berlin based Dj’s Irish debut), Imperial Black Unit, Schacke, Black Merlin and more.

De Sang Froid (Alaxis Andreas G)
Black Merlin (Island of the Gods)
Jay Carroll
Le Syndicat Electronique (Alaxias Andreas G)
Viscerale (DJ)
Imperial Black Unit (A+W)
Dylan Kerr
Katie Gerardine O’Neill
Swesor Bhrater
Myska (DJ)
Thomas Haugh
Sharon Phelan

Dark Arts Festival


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