Biorhythm @ Science Gallery

BiorythmA sonic bed? Instruments that respond to your heartbeat? Emotional manipulation via music? Biorhythm at the Science Gallery has all this & more…

A sonic bed? Instruments that respond to your heartbeat? Emotional manipulation via music? Biorhythm at the Science Gallery has all this & more…


What makes you dance? Why does a minor chord sound sad? Is there a formula for the perfect hit?

BIORHYTHM, Science Gallery’s latest exhibition, will explore all of these questions and more in an interactive bonanza of unique sonic experiences. Opening at Dublin’s Science Gallery on July 2nd and running until October 1st BIORHYTHM will feature exhibits ranging from a sonic bed to musical instruments that respond to your heartbeat.

How are your emotions transformed by different kinds of music, from Lady Gaga to Beethoven’s Glorious Ninth? BIORHYTHM will allow you to participate in real scientific experiments on your brain’s response to music and use scientific methods to find your groove. In addition to the BIORHYTHM exhibition, BIORHYTHM will feature a wide range of live performances, experiments and workshops on themes ranging from the vocal chords to human beatboxing three-month show.

Speaking in advance of the launch of BIORHYTHM, Michael John Gorman, Director of Science Gallery said “Manipulating sound is a fundamental part of almost every culture around the world, but what drives it? Tradition? Culture? Genetics? BIORHYTHM at Science Gallery will take a close-up and personal look at all these and many other questions around how we respond to, interact with and create music and sound through a range of installations and experiments.”

In September BIORHYTHM LIVE will be three after hours events at the gallery giving you the chance to explore music through RHYTHM, EMOTION and VOICE. Join some of the industry’s hottest and most well respected performers as they team up with scientific researchers for innovative performances and diverse conversations.

Science Gallery will also be bringing BIORHYTHM’s hottest experiments to the Electric Picnic to blow your mind as we let the mad scientists from SARC [Sonic Arts Research Centre] at Queens University, Belfast and the Institute of Neuroscience, Trinity hook you up to heart monitors and galvanic skin response machines to see what happens to your body during extreme musical performances. Check out for full details on all exhibitions.

<div>The curators of BIORHYTHM include musician Gavin Friday, composer Linda Buckley, music researcher Ben Knapp, neuroscientist Professor Ian Robertson and Science Gallery Director Michael John Gorman.

Science Gallery is a world first – a new type of venue where science and art collide. Since opening in early 2008 over 500,000 people have visited Science Gallery. Science Gallery aims to involve, ignite and transform curious minds through science – creating dynamic intersections between science and art. Science Gallery activities include exhibitions on themes ranging from light to the science of fashion, public experiments, challenges, festivals, debates and workshops. Science Gallery is an initiative of Trinity College Dublin located in a cutting edge building on Pearse Street, Dublin. Science Gallery was recently highly commended at the European Museum of the Year Awards 2010.

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BIORHYTHM @ SCIENCE GALLERY opened on July 2nd and will run until 1st October at Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin, Pearse Street, Dublin 2. It’s open Tuesday to Friday from midday to 8pm and weekends midday to 6pm.

Admission to the various events will be free but with a suggested donation of €5. Visit or follow them at
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