Ballroom Of Romance 100

Ballroom Of Romance 100 – The End Of An Era

Ballroom Of Romance 100The 100th and last ever Ballroom Of Romance is on 17th & 18th September, with Electric Eel Shock, Legion Of Two, Bob Slayer, The Dudley Corporation, Dinah Brand & more.

The 100th and last ever Ballroom Of Romance is on 17th & 18th September, with Electric Eel ShockLegion Of TwoBob SlayerThe Dudley CorporationDinah Brand & more.

In what we hope to the first of many Club nights… ‘The Ballroom of Romance’ preeeesents…” they said, way back in June 2002 and now, 8 years and 99 gigs later, it’s time for it all to come to an end.

The final Ballroom gig will in fact be two gigs held across two nights in The Lower Deck (where else?) on Friday 17th & Saturday 18th September.

Ballroom #100 Part I
Electric Eel Shock
Bob Slayer
The Dudley Corporation
& 1 TBC
9pm, 17th September, The Lower Deck

Ballroom #100 Part II – The final ever Ballroom night
Legion of Two
Dinah Brand
8:30pm, 18th September, The Lower Deck

It’s the end of an era.

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