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Grand Pocket Orchestra – The Ice Cream

Grand Pocket OrchestraGrand Pocket Orchestra‘s debut album The Ice Cream is out at the end of the month, with a launch gig in Whelans on August 28th.

Grand Pocket Orchestra‘s debut album The Ice Cream is out at the end of the month. The launch gig is in Whelans on 28th August with Hipster Youth and Girls Names also playing.

The 17 track album was recorded by the bands guitarist Mark Chester in a house in Cork earlier this year. So what does it sound like?

You got your dark times and you got your happy times, we are somewhere in the middle. We write happy songs about not so happy things, with the intention of making the awful seem not so bad. If you feel that we have made the not so bad seem awful, then we have failed and we apologise.

This is Grand Pocket Orchestra in a nutshell and we are yours for the keeping.

None the wiser? Here’s the video for their recent single Basketballs so. Warning – it is most definitely not for the weak of stomach.

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Grand Pocket Orchestra ‘The Ice Cream’ album launch
Girls Names
Hipster Youth
28th August, Whelans
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