What’s the steepest hill in Dublin? (1 Viewer)


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May 16, 2012
What is the steepest hill in Dublin?
Is there a hill you really hate cycling up? Or one that’s an utter slog just to walk up.
I know we don’t have St. Patrick’s Hill like Cork, but what do we have?

This is for a thing.

Also, does Dublin have any significant run of public steps?
Maybe not quite as severe as the Joker stairs, but that idea.

Also for a thing. The same thing.

I thought there was a pre-existing “Ask Thumped” thread – but this seems to be it.

there's a manky hill on the anne's park side of the cross roads in Raheny.

Its seared into my brain as part of the test route for the Raheny Driver test centre (I took my test FOUR times) - hill start hell in heavy traffic.

long slow hill from drumcondra to swords road cross on collins ave too, walking or cycling pain in the arse
I don't know if it's still the North circular, but if you're driving in on the north circular and cross dorsett st there are a few streets on the left hand side that have steps down to them. This is on the stretch before you get to ballybough
Yeah those are still there off the North Circular, I wouldn't think of them as particularly challenging though
20% or thereabouts seems to be the steepest gradient you'll get in dublin (and probably ireland) on a paved road. if you're running, should be easy enough to go steeper with unpaved roads.

Better pic. I love how the steps are just that fuckin length where taking a pace on them feels too short, but just taking the next step is too fuckin long
Used to be known as Murdering Lane as you'd be fit to murder someone after ascending or descending those hell steps.

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