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Cornu Ammonis

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Feb 1, 2011
Interesting but ultimately an impossible way to play the album
You don’t have the tools on hand to sequence DNA? Hate that.

I suspect its longterm archival trail is more robust than mp3. Like when we are reduced to a rock eating nomadic tribe, DNA is gonna be worth preserving, the best of erasure less so.
The storage capacity of DNA is immense, well over 15 GB in one human cell (if you include mitochondrial DNA as well as nuclear DNA). Lots of serious research going on now about storing information in artificial DNA. I reckon this was as much of a proof of concept exercise as it is a piece of marketing or an artistic statements.

I know you want me to post this @ann post , I just know you do.

So I will:

The Best of Erasure is more important than DNA, it shows humanity at its best.
DNA were better than Erasure.


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Nov 1, 2002
It's the difference between caring and knowing.

I wonder do Irish people know that they are watching a different show than the English, and are laughing at different things. I haven't seen evidence that they do.

That Twitter video on the last page, to me, celebrates similar stereotypes and the reaction here is embarrassment. Same with people on FB today moaning about Plastic Paddys.
That's the disconnect for me.

Would Irish people care that the English are really just laughing at a thick paddy and a drunk one on a TV show? I suspect that they would probably not. I've read plenty about the show though and I've never really seen it addressed. That's all.

It's more "You do know they're laughing at us, right?" rather than "Hey, they're all laughing at us! This is an outrage!"
The English are gonna do what they do.

And i know I say it too much. And I know I'm on the wrong side of this probably. Everyone loves the show. In ireland and the UK. I'm in a very tiny minority not liking the show, but i can't help seeing things the way the I do.
This made me think of this

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