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I don't think friendships should be transactional and part of friendship is stepping up when someone needs you but when it's all take take take it can wear you out.
I see a friendship as a conspiracy to make each others' lives better. If it's a conspiracy to make only one person's life better then it's not really a friendship
@seanc asked me if I was a Quaker - still not sure why, or even what it means

But I thought of him this morning.
I came out of the public gym about to head to work. And someone had locked their bike to mine.
I was completely immobolised. And instantly very pissed off.
It sounds like not a lot, but I depend on my bike and it's basically been fucking clamped.

Here's the mental battle.
Do I let the andger and revenge fantasies in my brain take over? Lock my bike to theirs? Leave a "YOu're A Fucking Idiot" note on their bike? Let the air from their tyres next time I see the bike.
It is really hard not to give these thoughts sway in your brain..
I have done much worse in similar situations.

Thought of everything I could do, and decided the best course of action was just to run to work and sort it out later.


What I have to do - for me - is to welcome this thing that happened and be grateful for it.
Even bad days are good days. Amor fati.
I'm alive. My body works. It's not raining.
I just had a beautiful swim in brisk water with a beautiful woman. And then a sauna. There's a breakfast waiting for me in work.
What the actual fuck do I have to complain about?
I have, over time, given my body the "super power" of running - and work is only 2.5 miles away. Just run it, you whiny shite.

There's another timeline where I never stopped being a boozehound and got fired or whatever.
There's a timeline where I broke my back in a cycling accident and can't walk.
There's a timeline where I killed someone driving drunk, wrecked numerous lives and I'm in prison.
In all those, I'd grab this one with both hands.

This one just has one minor temporary kerfuffle in it.
If I'm going to let this tiny shit derail me, what am I gonna do when something actually bad happens?

Anyway, one mile in the run, the phantom bike locker zips past me.
I yell at her, but she is not interested. She'll probably never know this happened.
I run back to my newly-freed bike and cycle to work.

Dunno if this sounds nuts or whatever, but that's how I try and live with a positive attitude and make my brief remaining time on this earth just a little more enjoyable.
And if I'm happier, the people I love, and that love me are happier.

tl;dr my bike got locked and I somehow overcame [hero emoji]
It does, you sound like the yoga moms of instagram.

How beautiful would you say these Moms are, on average?

Like 7s?

I my defence, I am fucking flooded with endorphins or whatever the chemicals are after a swim
And this borderline euphoria kind of lasts all day

I think the yoga Moms would get it, alright
The emotions and all that
I love that the crazy axis starts on a 4, cos it's true
I like the 4 thing

They are all crazy on some level, and we're dumb as rocks on some level.
They see life in technicolour, we're looking at life down a narrow pipe
We both make each other better

As crazy as they all are - you gotta love it. Love every part of someone, even the stuff you might want to change. If you want someone to change so you can love them, you don't really love them.
Not really sure you wanna date/marry higher than an 8 anyways.

Anyways, thank you for reading any of that thing about the bike.
Much love.

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