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Feb 5, 2003
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"R.I.P. Ted McKenna
JANUARY 19TH, 2019

Ted McKenna was a great guy and wonderful musician, I was shocked to hear of his premature passing, following a routine operation.

I first met Ted on an early trip with Rory and Taste to Scotland in 1967, I believe at a venue called The Place, Coatbridge. We became reacquainted when he came down to London with the Alex Harvey Band.

When Rory held auditions for a new drummer in 1978, at the recommendation of engineer Colin Fairly, Ted was invited to Air Studios, London. He immediately impressed my brother and McKenna was in, extraordinarily performing his first show with the band at the Macroom ‘Open Air’ Festival. Ted learning the set on the flight to Cork and in the dressing room rehearsals just prior to the gig!

Along with his mighty drumming skills, he brought his warm personality and off-the-wall sense of humour - much of the banter was heard in between the studio session takes, non-stop mimicking and mickey-taking.

An absolute professional, Ted was a joy to be on the road with and always kept a sense of balance, no matter what life threw at you.

My sincere condolences to all Ted’s family and friends.

Bless you Ted, you’ll always bring a smile to my face and delight to my ears with your playing.

Dónal Gallagher"

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Dec 21, 2004
'north munster'
Pedro Manfredini (1935 - 21 January 2019)
Argentine international footballer who stared for Racing and Roma
(joint top scorer in Serie A 1962-63).
Winning Argentine Championship 1958, Fairs Cup 1960-61 (aka Europa League)
Coppa Italia 1964 and 1959 Copa America along the way...

Also- never heard of him but...
Giuseppe Minardi (1928 - 21 January 2018)
1950's Italian cyclist who 1952 Giro di Lombardia, 6 Giro d'Italia stages,
and numerous Semi Classics.
(in Italian)

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Dec 21, 2004
'north munster'
Ndaye Mulamba 1948-2019
Congolese (former Zaire) footballer.

after winning the Africa Cup Of Nations in 1974 (with Mulamba scoring a record 9 goals)
Zaire's dictator Mobutu promised his countries football team rewards (supposedly a house, car
and cash for every player) they went to the 1974 World Cup in West Germany
with high expectations.
BUT after losing their opening match 2-0 to Scotland Mobutu was not not pleased and money
the players were promised hadn't materialized. the team's morale was hugely damaged and Mulamba was wrongly sent off in their next match after 22 minutes as they lost 9-0 to Yugoslavia after a farical performance where the players allegedly went on strike.
he was suspended for last game a 3-0 loss to Brazil (prior to the match Mobutu had sent the message that the team wouldn't be allowed return home if they lost by more the three goals).

Ndaye Mulamba later suffered beatings from Mobutu supporting thugs, being shot in the leg by robbers and had emigrated to South Africa.
Ndaye Mulamba died in a Johannesburg township after decades of poverty.
see links for more info:

eit links fixed ... hopefully.
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