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Paying tribute to Stephen Hawking on facebook

ann post

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Oct 13, 2002
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In reference to the actual thread though it does make me a bit nauseous to see artists popping up saying how much the loved some artist or other, and by extension sometimes when an artist puts someone famous that they've clearly learned nothing from in their bio. Probably more detestable when you know the artists has the resources to have outsourced their social media some pleb and they deem this a worthy exposure move. Jesus if Bob Dylan ever dies I hope there's a powercut or something.

Meanwhile - the horrible people over at the advertising world call this 'newsjacking' which might be the worst word I learned in 2017.


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Dec 9, 2000
I read BHOT once and understood the idea of space being curved when considered from the context of a higher dimension and therefore can be both finite and (sort of) infinite at the same time so that was cool. It pretty much lost me soon after that though.

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