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Maybe there's already a thread for this - a cursory search revealed nothing, so here we are!

This is from Adam Neely (bassplayer and jazz guy)'s youtube channel. He has this Q&A thing, and someone asks him "What is the name of this chord progression IVm7 bVII7 Imj7?" and he says jazz people call it "a backdoor II-V"

Grand. The funny exchange is in the comments. Top comment is this:

some guy said:
Normal Musicians: I wrote this weird progression. Is this a thing?
Jazz Musicians: Not only is that a thing, but we have a name for a it, theory that covers it, and a nickname for it.

Haha ok yeah grand. Then some annoying muso reponds with

annoying muso said:
I doubt your "weird progression" has anything to do with Jazz, or the known progressions used in it.

The "weird progressions" "normal musicians" (jesus what a moron...) end up using (without a firm knowledge on keys, modes and the overall theory behind functional harmony) are quite often just badly thought borrowed chords from other keys, mish mashed together into one unmemorable lump of garbage.

So no, your comment did not make sense in any way what so ever.

and then this reponse to that comment made me lol

amusing responder said:
hey man, I know you're like trying to say a thing about a thing, but can you be less of a massive fucking asshole about it?

You can say "That particular chord isn't exclusive to jazz, and saying so is reductive" without calling someone a moron. You can also say "Making a distinction between weird musicians and normal musician is imprecise, but your average musician will borrow chords from keys and modes without realizing the theory behind what they are doing" without calling their work garbage.

You don't have to say something nice, but you don't have to say something oppositional in the most dickish way possible. I however am choosing to in this case, because you can just go fuck off, and keep jerking off over all your perfectly composed master pieces, you massive fuckwad.

See? That wasn't necessary or helpful, and probably just made you feel bad. I could have said it much differently in a way that didnt do that, but I'm illustrating a point.

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