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Nov 14, 1999
Yeah, the not trusting the Feds bit was common, and probably fair enough. I think I understood that.

So the Arms (uppercase A) bearers were implicitly part of the well regulated Militia (capital M). I suppose that's a more sensible proposition.

The "well regulated Militia" bit though. That's pretty clearly meaning a militia, that's well regulated. As in there would be a carefully assembled and trained group of people, and the states would regulate these groups, well, with regulations. And then it fits that those well trained and regulated groups would have the right to arms.

When I was reading it I think my eyes had rolled so far back into my head when I saw the Militia bit, I was distracted and jumped to the Arms bit and then for-fuck-sake'd all the way to the end of that section.

The thing about it is, there's something around 400 million guns knocking around the US, that they know about. Most of the films made involve heroically shooting guns, guns are cool, guns are the solution to problems, guns have an equal status with sweet baby Jesus. To deny guns is to deny sweet baby Jesus' dying wish, and if you don't like that I've got the right to shoot you.

I've... well, maybe not seen (I think) but have seen the seconds leading up to, and heard, some kid getting shot and killed on the way home from work. When I was in the south I learned to tell different weapons apart by the sound of the shot. One of the greatest US cyclists missed out on Tour wins because he was shot.
Like, the place is demented. Of course it's a problem that they can fix, but for a lot of people guns are great craic altogether, so let's go shooting stuff. I'm never going to not have my craic, it doesn't matter how many kids' lives that costs.
it's a horribly complicated problem that I think would be fixable over a long enough time scale applying a multitude of individual incremental approaches. I'm talking 50-100 years maybe (which is only a fraction of the time it took them to get into this mess) of small changes.

But as we all know, if something's hard to do it's not worth doing.

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