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I agree with Egg here, you can't people this shit. That's what parents are for and they can change about 5% of their kids' minds. I think what you can do is get them to play team sports, do art, maybe actually engage with community, spend less time talking to agitator cunts, and learn for themselves that actually, average people are good and not here to fuck them over. I remember Damon Albarn saying that playing football is the cure to all of life's problems, that Kurt Cobain wouldn't have topped himself if he played football. (Not that I play football, I hate team sports and it's full of jerks haha.)
Damon Albarn is a cunt though.

Main thing I learned from school was how to empathise with people (well the vulnerable anyway) this was as a result of strongly disliking being institutionally bullied by adults.
There was very little personal development in my education.

I am left thinking of literature being ruined by having to study it at school.
on the topic, when i was staying with my folks recently, my six year old niece was there and doing her religion homework. one of the bits she was doing was an exercise where she had to list some people she knew who had died, so she could pray for them. she was complaining that she didn't know anyone who had died, so didn't know how to answer it.
Not even Philo?
That's exactly what I'm getting at - what's taught in schools doesn't seem to influence which direction society moves in, if it did we'd still all be Catholic

We got taught science in school.
The majority of people still believe in science.

How does this argument work?

I'm not being facetious, I'm genuinely baffled / missing something here.
he's saying school is irrelevant.

If school is irrelevant then why send your children to it?
Why have schools in the first place?

The argument doesn't make any sense to me

Educating people on disinformation and what to look for can only be a good thing.

Unless of course it creates a super evil genius child.....
I know I made one comment about media literacy and fucked off to work and then everyone was having a think in about school all day but I wasn't specifically talking about the youths. If anything, adults are fucking idiots online mostly.

Anywhoo to ignore 90% of the schooling debate what i was thinking after is that growing up reading and writing are important, but now we've moved the western world online (toilets and everythign!) internet literacy is in a void between generations. Anywhoo - ye's can all read so school cant have been that pointless.
After learning maths, reading and writing school isn't up to much.
Last thing schools in my time wanted to teach was critical thinking.

"Why do we have to wear uniforms?"
"Why do teachers get 20 school days p.a. off?"
"Why aren't teachers reprimanded for misbehaviour?"
"Why do we have to learn religion?"
"Why doesn't the school have a soccer team?!"
"Where did Taoiseach Haughey get his money from?"
"Why does the history syllabus stop in 1968?"

Its on. McGregor is going to cruise up the quays on his yacht, where a chauffeur driven solid gold diamond encrusted lambo will be waiting to take him to the dail and he's gonna slap da bleedin head off yer man.
It sounds like they gave you plenty to criticise, what would your own answer to each of those questions be?
The FF senator who taught us was asked about how Haughey's wealth was amassed and he said: "I don't know". Charlie appointed him. That was about as honest an answer as anyone could give at the time.

I am a very open person and hate hypocrisy. The least someone who's hypocrite or privileged can do is admit it.
When I would ask responsible adults questions back then I'd get blanked, laughed at or an angry response. I still ask similar questions.
I told two teachers I wanted to be on the dole and they thought it was funny.
I have been on benefit since 1995 and it's grand.

Going near Irish history from 1969 onward was obviously toxic in 20th century but it left a big gap in kids knowledge of the NI situation.
Sport isn't necessary at school but my generation in my local area had little or no chance play soccer as kids unfortunately.
The other things I questioned weren't justifiable really.
If school is irrelevant then why send your children to it?
Why have schools in the first place?
School is ok at teaching people skills like reading and writing, or plain old facts like the names of Irish mountain ranges. "Moral" stuff, like whether pre-marital sex (or being gay) is ok, or whether immigration is ok - IMO those are in a different class, and the school curriculum has v little influence
He was in the Botanic Gardens the day before the riots kicked off anyway.

If you'd excuse my bleeding heart: nobody wants to grow up to be a disillusioned, looting, angry, racist.

Like, nobody, even the nastiest shithead out there, had that in mind when they were young. Kids have various aspirations, and learn to see them crushed or moved out of reach.

I love ireland in lots of ways, but I know that parts of Dublin, in the 80s and 90s, were crushing places. Ireland now is not a poor country, by any stretch of the imagination. The cost of investing even enough money in kids just to keep them thinking that doing X might be possible, is fuck all.

It's fuck all. And this is where Ireland is, or was at least, THOROUGHLY shit. We were told in school that there was no chance of getting a job. In Primary school. There was no job, there was no chance of getting a job, jobs were not a thing. The concept of being anything, doing anything, was being beaten out of us from the age of about 8. Dublin offered fuck all.

We robbed stuff out of derelict buildings, made bombs, and rode bikes. We weren't even bad kids, we were good kids. But there's FUCK ALL engagement. If you compare that to Oslo, Copenhagen, various German cities. Even London FFS, they had vastly more space for kids.

I'm not talking about Marley Park Playground, which was to be fair a revelation, I'm talking about a place that you can go and feel safe, and write. Or play cards, or run or whatever. Joining a cycling club was possible, but they were weird things, run by Shay out in Ballybrack, and the concept of getting support was so alien it wasn't even a question.

Meh. Sorry. But Ireland can try to crush its kids slightly less I'd suggest. Even if they didn't want to generate a race war.
You just described my early childhood in And then in secondary school even after we'd moved out of The Wild West ...which incidentally was just in the nick of time for me I reckon... os like, sniffing petrol was the only community activity amongst the lads a year older than me when we upped and moved... I was told I'd never amount to anything by various Christian brothers and one or two particular old school Irish teachers etc.

And they were almost right!

We need to invest big money in the youth.

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