Dublin Racist Riots (1 Viewer)

So Dublin is on fire from what WhatsApp is telling me.

I tried to explain why to frens here, well, it's just Thursday, it's hard to explain, so I could only do it by doing my best skanger accent. Then very platonic fren said "seanc stop talking like that, it's far too sexy"

To which I could only reply"See that Conor McGregor fella? Fuckin hopped off him".
A luas and a bus on fire. Finally people are making their feelings about our substandard metropolitan transport infrastructure known.
The kid was at a gig in temple bar that was cancelled and they were told to get out and on to the Main Street because the crowd was headed that way.

I’m living in town so tried to make my way over to get her back but the guards had blocked the street at Pearse st garda station and said we weren’t allowed that way as it was kicking off there too. I tried to get through in the end anyway, but they weren’t having it.
Helicopter overhead, smoke everywhere and crowds of confused people made it feel a bit like a horror movie.
Then my daughter rang again to say her Erasmus friend and another girl (who was only visiting Ireland for the week) were trapped on O’Connell st and didn’t know how to get away.
We were able to get down closer to get them by doing a loop of the city basically.
We managed to find them, and have them back in the flat but they’re pretty shook up.
There’s still lots of people stuck in town and can’t get home so I told them to let anyone they know that’s around to make their way here for the night.
Fun times.
My boyfriend is from town and stayed with me the whole time, finding different routes for us to go. He’s good people.
I drove across town - down Amiens street past Connolly, across the river, to pick my wife up from her choir practice. Town looked 'normal' bar loads of people milling around trying to figure out how to get home I guess. From the family WhatsApp group : 'Scum on quays, parliment street, dawson st now'
There’s still a lot of sirens outside still, but it seems to have calmed down.
The garda helicopter is still solidly hovering above the Tara st area, so I’m assuming they haven’t all gone away.
TCD has entered full siege mode. They barred all the gates earlier and are not opening them again tonight. They’re offering bedding for anyone trapped inside.
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