Wingnut Records Open Dublin Shop

Wingnut Records are teaming up with Musicmaker to open their latest shop in Musicmaker’s Exchequer Street premises. You’ll also be able to order online from

Wingnut Records will begin retailing independent and self-released Irish music from Musicmaker from Monday!  It is a great opportunity for Wingnut to work with a business like Musicmaker, in their amazing premises and with their excellent staff.

As always, Wingnut is gunning to continue to work closely with labels, collectives and individuals to make the best of Irish underground music available to as many people as possible. John Paul from Musicmaker recognised this and we have been planning this for a few months now. Musicmaker retails to and staffs a lot of musicians who end up on Wingnut shelves, and so they are the best people to understand the integrity of music and music publishing. 

We scaled down our stock to keep it neat. It is mainly vinyl available from the start. It is also the first time that we are seriously retailing online, from

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