The Parlour – Season 1 Box Set Now Online

OK, maybe it’s not quite a box set, since there are no tangible objects to put into physical boxes (not that there are any boxes either)

That minor technicality never seemed to bother Idris Elba, did it? 

Over the course of twelve episodes go on a journey into The Parlour and discover some of the best acts in independent music from Ireland and overseas. The series features over twenty four performances and studio discussions, including Sleaford Mods, Rusangano Family and Laura Sheeran to name just a few.

Speaking today, series producer Barry Lennon said: “We made the series to act as a tool to promote independent music and to highlight the brilliant talent and creativity in this country and overseas. We hope that this series can help these acts reach larger audiences. There is currently lots of great media being produced of independent artists which is not reaching the audience it deserves.”

The Parlour was recorded in front of a live audience in The Parlour Bar in Whelan’s earlier this year. The series was funded by the licensing fee in the form of the BAI Sound and Vision fund with the initial broadcast on cable channel DCTV. The series producers are still exploring other broadcasters that would like to show the series so it can act as a tool to support the artists it features.

You can now binge watch all the episodes on the website, or you can subscribe to their YouTube channel. Here’s episode 1 to start you off:


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